How To Crack Fortnite Accounts: 3 Possible Ways

How To Crack Fortnite Accounts: 3 Possible Ways

Launched in 2017, Fortnite quickly became one of the most influential players in the gaming market. Actually, it is the most popular online game in the world nowadays. With millions of active users and around $2.5 billion in income per year, Fortnite is an independent gaming macrocosm.

It isn’t just a game; it is a virtual universe that recreates our real life. Therefore, similar to the real world, your belongings can be stolen there. Moreover, there is even a black market where you can buy or sell cracked Fortnite accounts. The most surprising thing about these shady dealings is how much this market brings in.

Fortnite accounts on sale

A bundle of these illegal marketplaces that put on sale hacked accounts from the most well-known games is estimated to make around $1 billion every year. If we take a detailed look at this market, we’ll see that about $700 million of that amount comes from only a few online games. People make real money from selling accounts and assets from:

  • Roblox;
  • Minecraft;
  • and, of course, Fortnite.

But is it easy to steal a Fortnite account? Well, it is a challenging task, but we can’t say that it is impossible. How to crack Fortnite accounts? Here are 3 ways that are the most commonly used.

Attacks on emails

Fortnite accounts are connected with emails of the users. Therefore, in some cases, access to emails allows hackers to steal accounts in Fornite without additional efforts.

Moreover, the Epic Games Store, the platform that is used to log in to Fortnite, doesn’t demand accounts to set multi-factor authentication. In other words, you can simply reset the password using the email that has been compromised.

Phishing and scamming

Similar to other games, you can hack someone’s account using phishing and scamming methods. It is possible to convince a player to transfer their login information, promising some bonuses and rewards. Of course, not all players can be persuaded to do what you want, but sometimes this trick works.

Phishing is a much more complicated method of hacking Fortnite accounts. With phishing, you need to create a false login page for Fortnite that looks like the authentic one. The next step is to send this fake link to your target. Once your victim clicks on the link and fills in the private details, you’ll get their password and log in.

Automated tools

While you can try to hack a Fortnite account manually, there are also automated tools on the market. While these apps can be super expensive, they can yield some results. According to some reports, these bots and programs can try as many as 500 access passwords per second. However, you need to be a real hacker to create such malicious programs.

Bottom line

When it comes to cracking Fortnite accounts, keep in mind that it is illegal. Always try to think if it is appropriate or not before taking any steps. No matter what your reasons are, it is prohibited from the legal perspective.