CCleaner Review

CCleaner Review 2020: Details, Pricing, Features

Is your PC running slow? Perhaps, you should think about cleaning it. In this CCleaner review, you’ll discover why the software is essential to every user as well as what it can do.

A brief overview of the software

CCleaner is a popular tool used to maintain the PC’s productivity. It optimizes the performance by removing junk files and other things that slow down the device. Users don’t need to do anything special. Just run the software and see how much was removed. What’s more, the program frees up space on one’s device. It’s lightweight, user-friendly, and efficient.Businesses often use CCleaner to protect data from theft by deleting all sorts of files like tracking cookies, browser history, passwords, etc.The software drew lots of attention due to affordable yet high-quality services. Such giants like BBC, Telegraph, The Guardian, The New York Times, The Huffington, and others wrote about it. At Trustpilot, the software has over 6200 reviews that bring 4 out of 5, verifying it’s a great application. It offers a perfect cost/value balance.

Pricing policy

The program is more expensive than the Windows 10’s free tune-up utilities. However, it’s more affordable than most competitors in this niche. Positive feedback and reviews verify it’s worth the investment. So, what size of investment are we talking about?The price of CCleaner differs depending on the set of features you want and whether it’s for personal use or businesses. On the official website, one can see the free version for individuals can use. Premium edition with a wider selection of features costs about $25 per year. Ultimate PC cleaning can be done with CCleaner Professional Plus. It costs $40 annually. However, the company often offers discounts and special deals to cut down the cost. Corporate users should contact the company to get a quote.

Features worth your attention

As soon as you install CCleaner, you’ll discover its convenient features and possibilities. The main ones include:Auto-cleaning allows removing unnecessary files to maintain smooth device performance;Confidentiality protection cleans up browser history and cookies;Regular updates bring the latest software editions to one’s devices, keeping the OS up to date.Faster performance is secured by removing old unnecessary files, settings a computer usually stores for years;Fewer errors or glitches happen because the software eliminates registry errors/fails, etc. CCleaner has a patented registry cleaner which increases PC’s stability;CCleaner turns off unnecessary programs to optimize the working or gaming process and faster startup;Award-winning optimization recognized by millions of users and independent reviews.

The pros and cons these features bring

Aside from numerous features, the software has tons of advantages. The main one, however, is its flexibility. One can adjust the software as well as every feature to specific requirements. The interface reflects every category this program can clean. In case you don’t want to delete passwords, for instance, you just tick this category off and proceed with the rest. Other benefits include good system performance improvement, simple interface, privacy-protecting features, etc.On the other hand, the program has license limitations and requires additional downloads for certain features. The latter might be inconvenient to some users.